About this Book

Why Study the Constitution?

Your future depends on it.
Your freedom to exercise your natural rights depends on it.

Does any branch of the federal government have the constitutional authority to determine whether or not it is permissible to eat hot dogs and chips in your school cafeteria, to defend yourself with a weapon of your choice, or to pray at your school event?

Can the federal government pass rules or regulations respecting

  • The size of your family.
  • How you name or raise your children.
  • The clothes you can or cannot wear.
  • The level of your personal privacy.
  • Your Internet or phone use.

What are the limits? What are the boundaries? What are the rules?

The Constitution is the rule book that we created for the federal government. It is our permission slip for our central government to exist and function. It is not a rule book for the states or the people.

Our unique Constitution is the only thing standing between you and the possession of your natural rights. Natural rights enjoy an elevated and hallowed status over constitutional rights because they are God given and cannot be taken away by man. They are yours and yours alone.

Constitutional rights, on the other hand, are subject to the whims of those in government. One day you have them. The next day you may not. The government will decide.

The framers of our Constitution expected “We the People” to be the natural guardians of our own freedoms, not the elected officials or appointed judges. How is it possible for we the people to do that if we do not have a basic working knowledge of the rules?

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